Flesh on meat (english text)

Performance by Santiago Cao with Luján Píccolo

8 December 2007, Plaza Cortazar (Plaza Serrano), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography by Roxana Araujo e Mara Crotolari

Approximately duration: 2 hours

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In our era, the body is the material proof of the negation caused by time. Operations, lifts, implants, anti-age creams, anti-wrinkle cream, etc. are used for such an end. That which is corroded with the passing of time is found under the skin of theatre. With the vest made of meat, the interior becomes the exterior and the interior the exterior, thus showing the passing and ravishing of time

The area of Plaza Serrano, in the city of Buenos Aires, is well known for the many places where young and independent designers show and sell their wears. There, where is such a lot of impetus in hiding and decorating the body, we decided to cover ourselves with flesh on meat.

The performance started when we came out of the changing room of a clothes shop dressed in vests made of meat. We would go round all the other shops in the fair as spectators, that is, walking around as other people do in the fair; looking at and talking about the designs on show before finally sitting down at a bar to have a drink. Just what the people who go to this place do.