IMPA-sibles (english text)

Collective Performancemade with Santiago Cao, Luciana Dentati and Roxana Araujo.

During a protest against the eviction of IMPA (Metallurgic and Plastic Industry of Buenos Aires).

22 April 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Duration: 1 hour

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IMPA, a factory taken over by workers in 1998, was the centre over the last 10 years not only of a workers cooperative, but also used its space for a secondary school certificate course, a cultural centre, a library and a first aid centre, as well as hosting a series of artistic events, one of these being “The First International Festival of Performance Art of the Southern Cone of the Americas: “In Transit/En Tránsito” (10-13 November 2004).
On the night of the 15th April 2008, following the order of judge Víctor Hugo Vitale, the police entered IMPA and evicted the workers from the site.

One week after the eviction, and in solidarity with the workers, we did this performance. We put a table with a tablecloth in the middle of the road where the march was taking place. On the table we placed a bottle of red wine, a glass, and a large plate of delicious chicken with vegetables. At the table were two powerful looking people (Luciana in the role of a judge, and me as a business man). We feasted on the meal, tearing apart the chicken with our hands and gulping wine while throwing the remains of our food off the table at Roxana. Roxana, in the role of a worker, was sat cross-legged, with a hammer in one hand and two study books in the other (like the books used in secondary school). While we ate and drank, ignoring all those around us, one of those present shouted, “The people are hungry,” to which we replied, “You’re hungry? The people are hungry? People, eat, Eat!” And we threw them bits of chicken while laughing.

During our performance a policeman came up to us to say that “by order of the judge” the authorities would leave the gates of the factory. In this moment the people started to celebrate while the worker (Roxana) stood up to encourage the other workers. Luciana started to ask those present, “Who gave the order for the police to leave? I certainly didn’t!” The protest moved to the gates of the factory, and we took the table as well, sharing out the food between students and works alike.