I Don't Want to see my Reality (english text)

Performance blindfolded. In the streets of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Uninterruptedly from Monday 6 to Friday 10, October, 2008.

Photos by Damián Rilo and Roxana Araujo.


Duration: 5 days.

(To see more photographs of this Performance, click on the photo)

I put two patches on my eyes to prevent to can see uninterruptedly for 5 days holding a banner hanging from my neck that said:


I continued my daily routine, attending classes at IUNA (National Universitary Institute of Art), entering the classroom to not seeing the projected images or my classmates. I installed myself on the pedestrian street Florida on wednesday afternoon to not seeing people. I went to the Borges Cultural Center to not seeing an art exhibition, and i walked the Galerias Pacifico not seeing their shops.

In the same way, i did not see the television, i did not see what i ate or who are around me. Did not see with who i went to bed.

To displace me long distances, i was helped by friends who guided me by the streets, buses and subways.