Santi-fication of meat (english text)

Performance using a vest made of meat

14 November 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography by Martín Felipe.

Approximately duration: 2 hours

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When beginning this performance I left various things along the street, while also giving out flyers to people saying, 

Santi-fication of meat

Santiago Cao


33 year old 

I then went to the end of the street carrying a black bag. I stripped down to my trousers, ripped open the black plastic bag taking out a vest made of meat which I then put on. I then did the vest up with a needle and thread. After this I picked up a wooden cross from the ground and carried it slowly while two women went a followed flogging me with cow intestine. After 50 meters I put the cross down, broke it into pieces and then threw alcohol on and burnt it. I then took out a packet of salt and started to salt my torso of meat very slowly, as if I were intimately showering myself. I then took a knife and opened the vest. I then put down a barbeque, put the vest of meat on and left the scene. Among those present, there was one person, who by his own initiative, stayed by the barbeque to make sure the meat cooked properly. Once cooked, the santi-fied meat was shared around in sandwiches with those present, like in communion.